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Full Time RVing BABY

Here's the deal with a travel blog. When you have time to post a blog, you aren't traveling and you are traveling, you don't have time to blog.

It's one thing to live in a stagnate RV. A mobile house on wheels going 70 miles an hour down the interstate of New York in rush hour traffic, is another.

Here's the route: Drive Time:

Maine>Hartford CT 4 hours 15 mins

Hartford CT> Shartlesville PA 4 hours

Shartlesville PA> Belmont OH 5 hours

Belmont OH> Centerville OH 3 hours

Centerville OH> Effingham IL 4 hours

Effingham IL> Kansas City KS 5 hours

Kansas City KS> Salina KS 3 hours

And I'll update as the journey continues.

Now we stayed in a few different places for either a single night or two nights. There is a KSU vs. OU football game in Manhattan KS on Oct. 2nd. I am an avid KSU fan (I was in the marching band so no big deal) and Pat has loved OU football ever since he was 10 years old.

(The Pride of Wildcat Nation!!!!! Me in 2013)

A location I want to high light:

Hershey's PA.

First of all Pennsylvania is absolutely beautiful. The little farm houses sitting on top of the rolling green hills were just a pleasure to look at. The town of Hershey is committed to the Chocolate theme. The street lights are kisses, and the road names are different forms of candy.

If you are into amusement parks and chocolate, then you must visit Chocolate World. 10/10. We went and did the educational free tour ride on how Hershey's chocolate is made and looked at the park but didn't have time to go ride the rides. However, we did have time to look around town and stumbled upon an outdoor pop up market with a ton of women own businesses. Love.

The hiking is fairly easy with a few sections of challenging area but not so much that would require poles. No hiking experience required. With that, the hiking through beautiful wood land forest with creeks and lakes all around.

(Prairie and I agree, we are big fans of PA)

We are going back at some point and staying at Application Camping Resort (We stayed there for a couple nights and loved it). The Resort is a little pricey, but it had all the amenities you could want (ice cream shop), and is very spaced out between RV sites.

(The resort is right off the interstate which is so nice when pulling a fifth wheel)

There is so much more, but each place needs their own individual post, so that means I better get on it!!

Current location- Barns and Noble in Kansas City KS :)

Until the next post!


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