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(Safety First!)

I remember I was in onboarding training for my job in Maine, I was the only salaried staff person in the group of people doing the training. When the presenter got to the drugs and alcohol portion, they go,

"Now, Maine is a recreational state, and we do not test for THC. However, we asked that you don't partake in getting high 24 hours before your shift. But that shouldn't be a problem for you Cheri."

I was like, "nah dude, I smoke and that is part of why I work for the in this industry." Duh.

I made great friends with people at my job because we were ourselves with each other and didn't try to put up some kind of fake work persona. I don't think the people who let me go where counting on that ;)

You see, I was let go the same day I listed my house (sus). My husband (and it was also his birthday) was going to retire and move to Maine that following week.

Two days after receiving the phone call that I had been let go, I went back to Oklahoma. And the first thing I did was go to the public library and research terminated employees rights. (FYI: The public library has a great selection of legal help books.)

I sent any email requesting my written statement for the termination of employment and my personal file which a company in the state of Maine must provide or be fined. (They don't teach you this stuff in school).

Soon after that email was sent, I received a "Separation Agreement and General Release" which basically means, a company can legally sue you if you are to mention anything relating to why you were fired. I sent a counter offer asking for the rest of what would have been my relocation expenses that were going to be provided by the company.

If only we had moved earlier in the year.

Obviously we couldn't reach an agreement and nothing was signed.

That's all for now!

Until next post,


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