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I have the last laugh

If you have pulled a trailer, I feel you bro.

Last week Pat and I went to a K-State vs. OU football game with my dad. Both of my parents are KSU alums. They actually met in a math class haha! My dad has been season ticket holders for 30 years!

Pat has been going to OU games for the last 30 years. Needless to say, there is a strong rivalry between us when the Wildcat took on the Sooners.

*For your reference, Pat is 24 years old than me.*

I had so much fun watching the game, but I had even more fun watching my dad talk sports with my husband. Unfortunately OU won but it was a great day to be outside and a great game to watch.

Before going to the football game, we stayed in the heart of Kansas City in an RV park in Shawnee (who knew)!

I met up with my college girlfriends and showed them our house on wheels. My friends and I made dinner together just like old times when we were back in college.

(Cooking some vegan green coconut curry)

It was the first time opening up to my friends, outside of Maine, about the ugly truth behind the real reason I was fired. My friends were shocked.

My dad, an engineering manager, couldn't believe that my direct boss had no involvement or knowledge of my termination.

Being fired is sucky. But what is even worse were the lies and manipulation by coworkers who called me "friend."

I wasn't fired because of my worth ethic. In fact, I wrote a software program, from scratch, that was so advance, the plant I worked for had the highest audit score in the company.

You're tacky and I hate you

You're welcome ;)

I really should be thanking the other managers for conspiring to get rid of me. Otherwise, I'd still be in a toxic work environment, improving the company, only to increase their bonuses.

Incompetent people rely on lies and deceit to advance their status. Simple minds like patterns. It helps keep consistency. If something works the first time, and the second time, then its start to become comfortable.

When you get comfortable, you get lazy. When you get lazy, you get careless.

I found the pattern.

Until the next post!


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