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Peace be with you, and also with your Spirit

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Sedona Vortex- it is not a wind tunnel.

There used to be a "Cyclone" Machine in the Salina KS mall. And for $3, you could experience "Up to 50MPH!" I imagined standing in a Vortex, with my hair swirling around as if it was a cyclone machine.

A Vortex is a place of energy area where you can feel your spirit. If you ever need to find you spirit- go to Sedona AZ. I must say a heart filled thank you to Sedona. The topography is out of this world for a guarantee spiritual awakening.

We are talking about spending a few months there in 2022. That's when I will have enough time to give a genuine review for Sedona as a vacation location :)

The more we stay on the road. The more everything seems possible.


I have been on a spiritual journey for about a month now on this RV road trip. After initially getting fired, I was in pure survival mode. I was strictly going through the motions. Small inconveniences would set me off.

I was so mad how these scumbags could disrupt my life at no inconvenience to their own. How they worked together to hide their secrets. Over and over again, they got away with it. They are upper managers with the backing of paid company attorneys. There is no way I could match their arsenal of resources or even afford it.

Finally, free speech is at no cost to me. Here's my story. I have to backtrack for reference-

I had a podcast. It was called "Father of the Daddies."



I left my previous place of employment because I was physically assaulted in August of 2018, at the work place by an higher level hourly employee (a friend) who was intoxicated (I have the text receipts but they are not necessary for this blog). I told HR. Next thing I knew, in September of 2018, I was given different job roles, and I was put on night shift. HR and my male boss told me that I was to not, under any circumstances, discuss what happened.

*The work force was 98% male dominated.*

Then the man who assaulted me, started harassing me. When nothing happened to the man who assaulted me, he got more bold by the month. Everyone saw and heard what he was doing. It was apparent to the entire company, the upper management would rather change my life around over addressing the harassments claims given from me and other employees who witness his actions.

I bought a house in July 2019. And a car in September 2020. I couldn't afford to quit. I was racing my bicycle and finally made friends. I didn't want to leave.

It all came to a head one day in December 2020. I was standing in the same location I was assaulted in, 16 months prior. My male boss watched as a male coworker lecture me in a raised tone how I am not emotionally capable of being a manager, and I was too mentally weak. After about 15 minutes the male coworker asked me, "what do you want, huh?"

It took me a few seconds. I looked at my male boss who wasn't making eye contact. I took a deep breath and said, "I want to leave."

I walked out on my job in Oklahoma that day and never returned.

A few weeks later, after I moved to Maine, I started my podcast. My podcast was trending in the top 50 improv podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

So many people, men and women (some I knew, some I didn't), reached out to me to tell me about their experience with corrupt management.

Here's what happened after I left the plant in Oklahoma; The man who assaulted me still is employed. My former boss and HR are still working at the plant.

However, there was a new plant initiative for diversity and inclusion. In the meeting, a man stood up in front of the crowd of men and asked the boss and HR, "How can we trust you, after what happened to Cheri, and what you did to her."

I didn't "change" anything physically. But my story changed a mindset. The people now know not to trust the management and the man who assaulted me.

If you don't have the trust of the employees, then you don't have a sustainable management, and eventually, you don't have a company. (Or a job for that matter).


I still have my podcast recording saved, and my Father of the Daddies Instagram with all the receipts. Maybe I will release all the episodes once and for all. We'll just see.

The pen is mightier than the sword. And hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

Until the next post!


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