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Push "Button" to Engage

I love reality tv. Its unscripted. A person can say whatever he/she wants.

My previous employment's HR told me to take down my podcast. I did. Nobody said anything about going on a reality TV show.

You have to ask yourself, who would want to fire someone for a personal podcast discussing the backlash of reporting unethical misconduct in the workplace?

On my unemployment decision, a representative from the company who fired me gave a statement. They said they felt like people could find out where I worked because of my Linked In account. They admitted that I never mentioned the company's name or anyone who directly worked in the facility on my podcast in the same statement.


The real tragedy is I'm not the first young female to "quietly" disappear with no explanation from this facility.

Before I arrived to work in Maine, this same sort of "mysterious" termination happened to a young female who was working directly with the operations managers. Just like me!

This is a story is made for television!

Until the next post.



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