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Surviving 10days in the Amazon Rainforest to raise awareness for Wildlife Conservation

It is officially happening! Jocelyn and I will be surviving in the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest for 10 days in Manu National Park!

We will have two guides. The first guide with be a local tribe member who will teach their tribe's technique of surviving in the jungle. The second guide is for translating English.

The campground will be already established by the Manu Research Station. The location of the campsite is a 4 hour trek from the Research Station on a trail system.

We will be filming our entire experience to share how two women from the Midwest can survive the Amazon Rainforest and redefine the stereotype associated with wildlife conservationist portrayed in the media.

Jocelyn and I want to do this.

We want to be completely disassociated with the current world and reconnect with the real world. We want to inspire other women to travel with their gal pals in nature. Most of all, we want to raise awareness for the conservation of wildlife.

To learn more about our story, please see our GoFundMe at-

And subscribe to Vacations Nation YouTube Channel at-

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